Cricket Protein Plus Nut Butters

P.C. Peanuts, cricket & Tasman Sea Salt.

P.C. Peanuts, cricket & Tasman Sea Salt.


Peanuts, cricket and Tasman Sea Salt.

Lightly roasted nuts with lightly roasted crickets blended in with the finest sea salt from Tasmania’s east coast.

This nut butter is packed with micronutrients, good fats, protein, calcium and is tasty A.F.

Nutrition Information

Nutrition Information

P.S.C. Dark roast peanuts, smoked crickets & Tasman Sea Salt.


Dark roasted peanuts, smoked crickets and Tasman Sea Salt.

The nut butter for those who like things a bit dark, smokey and deep. With all the nutritional benefits of Tasmanian farmed crickets, nuts and Tasman Sea Salt from the east coast of our beautiful island home.

P.C.C. Peanuts, cricket, cacao & rice malt syrup.


Peanuts, cacao, crickets and a dash of rice malt syrup for sweetness.

A rich, nutty chocolate spread that hits the spot for those who like their cacao hits to be refined sugar free and palm oil free (looking at you rainforest destroying Nutella) and nutrient dense. Feeding your body, tastebuds and endorphins.

You can spread it on your toast, breakfast, oats, pancakes…whatever. Or cut to the chase and just eat it with a spoon!

Nutrition Information

Nutrition Information