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Umami (uWOWmi) butter by louise morris

Woodie umami butter

Woodie umami butter


  • 2 cups heavy cream, preferably from raw milk or organic

  • 1 tsp ground woodies (lightly roasted)

  • Pinch of sea salt


Cream, mixer and uWOWmi woodies

Cream, mixer and uWOWmi woodies

  1. Put the cream into your mixing bowl. It is important to only fill the bowl halfway so it does not overflow as air is whipped into the cream. (Trust me)

  2. Turn mixer on low to medium-low at first to prevent splashing. Once the cream begins to thicken you can turn it up to medium.

  3. Mix for about 15 minutes. This time can vary depending on how much cream you are using and what type if mixer you have.

  4. As it thickens it will first change to whipped cream. After the whipped cream stage it will begin to deflate and break down. As this happens pay attention. When it makes the change to butter it often happens very quickly. It will also start to splash again so you can hang a cloth to catch the splash.

  5. When you see the butter begin to clump and stick to your whisk, stop mixing. It’s done.

  6. Put your strainer over a bowl and pour the contents of your mixing bowl into the strainer. The solids that collect in the strainer are the butter and the liquid that collects in the bowl is buttermilk (also useful). 

  7. Now to "rinse" the butter. It is important to remove as much buttermilk as possible to keep the butter from going rancid. Put the butter back in your mixing bowl and cover with clean, cold water.

  8. With the back of your wide spoon, begin pressing the butter into the side of the bowl. The water will get cloudy as the buttermilk leaks out of the butter. Pour this water off and rinse and repeat.

  9. Repeat this process 3-4 times or until the water stays clear.

  10. Now the fun part. With the ball of beautiful fresh butter knead through the pinch of sea salt and umami rich woodie grounds. Don’t over knead it, just enough to mix through evenly.

ground woodie and washed butter

11. Store in refrigerator or at room temperature if you will use it within a week or two. The fat in the butter brings out the flavour of the salt and umami beautifully. Resting this mix for a few hours allows the flavours to infuse.