Welcome to Rebel Food Tasmania, growing premium edible insects in regional Tasmania from local farm, food and brew leftovers.

Why you ask? To create a new way of farming in Tasmania that grows highly nutritious, delicious and sustainable protein sources from local farm and food waste. We can talk about new ways of farming using ‘waste’ streams and decreasing our climate footprint till the cows come home. So we decided to give it a crack, and took the ‘show don’t tell’ approach to promoting new forms of farming, and quality, healthy edible insect food products.

This has involved much work to understand our insects including crickets, tenebro and woodies. Particularly how they can be farmed in a way that has minimal environmental impacts, provides them with a good quality of life while being fed on seasonal vegetable, farm and food waste. Resulting in maximum taste and health benefits.

We farm for taste not tonnage. These tasty morsels are available through select Tasmanian restaurants and our partner specialty food businesses selling our ready to eat, hand made Tasmanian edible insect foods. Including Protein Plus Peanut Butters available through retailers, markets and health food stores across Tasmania. See our stockists page for an up-to-date list.

We provide educational talks and presentations about how farming edible insects from local farm, food and brew leftovers can create a more sustainable agricultural industry. Get in touch via email at hello@rebelfoodtamania.com to book us for a visit, and follow our Instagram account for the insiders look at how we farm, and how we are bringing this new ento-prise to the local food economy of Tasmania.

Rebel Food Tasmania is a proud founding member of the Insect Protein Association of Australia (IPAA). The national representational body for those growing, retailing and supporting the growing insect farming sector in Australia.

Insect Protein Association of Australia (IPAA)